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Efficiency by Design

Innovative Tools & Technologies creates high-quality carts, racks and stands that maximize efficiency in any size shop

It’s not just a name. It’s a company motto. It’s an innovative design, says Bryan Johnson, founder of Innovative Tools and Technologies. Johnson’s company is all about creating the most efficient tools possible by designing products that not only keep collision shops organized, but also take up the least amount of space possible.

Johnson’s knack for creating quality carts, racks and stands can be traced back to his time as a technician. His 21 years in the industry have given him the ability to anticipate and solve a problem in a shop before anyone even realizes that there is a problem.

Even though Johnson has worked in the trenches himself and has a good idea of what will and won’t work, he still places a high value on feedback from others in the industry. This is why he continues to take advantage of trade shows and uses shops as test facilities, like Tim Beal’s shop, Cycle Time Solutions in Prescott, Ariz.

Beal was looking to make his shop more efficient and increase productivity. That’s when he was introduced to Innovative. Impressed with the design and variety of products, Beal signed up to become a test shop. The team at Cycle Time Solutions uses almost all of the company’s products, including the parts stands, parts rack and parts cart.

“Bryan does the necessary research to make sure that all of his products work and work the best. He designs all of his products for space efficiency, many of the products even fold up, allowing them to be easily stored. The wheels on the products allow you to roll everything around, which is very efficient,” Beal says.

Carts, racks and stands may seem like simple products, and there’s no shortage of them on the market, but there’s a special consideration in the way that Johnson engineers his that make them top of the line.

“Every piece I create I believe is the best out there. I over-engineer. The collision repair industry can be a hostile environment, so I use heavier tubing and provide a lifetime warranty on everything except my paint racks. My philosophy is to try and get the product to do as much as it can with as few moving parts as possible, so it’s quick and easy to use,” Johnson says.

He also knows that floor space in a shop is at a premium, so all of the pieces that Innovative produces are designed to have a small footprint. All of the company’s racks, carts and stands are also made out of heavy-duty steel and use industrial-grade, total-lock caster wheels for increased mobility.

Innovative’s Parts Cart has helped keep Beal’s shop organized. The entire job is able to be organized on one cart, he explains. If anybody in the shop needs something for that job, they know it’s on that cart. That cuts down on time spent searching for materials.

One of the many highlights from Innovative’s line is its new adhesive cart. The idea for it came from Johnson’s observation of what went on in shop supply rooms. Someone would go in for a product and inevitably somebody else would have grabbed the last one. The function of all of the point-of-use carts is to organize everything needed for a job in one place. With the adhesive cart, there’s room for backup materials to prevent running out of anything. With this product, jobbers don’t have to spend time digging through boxes in a supply room and materials aren’t being misplaced or thrown out prematurely.

“Everything they make is about improving efficiency and making repairs faster,” Beal says.

For him, working with Innovative Tools and Technologies has been a breeze. The representation and professionalism of the company is second to none, he says. Others in the industry seem to agree, as Innovative Tools and Technologies supplies to many MSOs and counts Sherwin-Williams, FinishMaster, LKQ/Keystone and National Coatings as its distributors. For more information on Innovative Tools and Technologies and its offerings, go to



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